Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mac = Frustrating

I was never a Macintosh user growing up. When I got my first teaching job I had to learn how to use a Mac because that was the only type of computer in the entire school. It was frustrating to learn how to operate a new computer system. When I moved to a new school I was back in my comfort zone, a Mac free zone that is! I know some people love their Mac's, and they do have some good qualities, but they aren't for me. Today we had to create a video using iMovies and the process was exhausting and I found myself frustrated with a Mac all over again. Not only were were working with a new program, but also a system we weren't familiar with. Fortunately I remembered a few things from using the Mac last year. It's crazy how two pieces of technology that do essentially the same thing can be so different. Look at this site to see which is best for you. It comes down to your needs and which type of computer meets that need. For those of us in this class that aren't Mac users, well we will just have to get tough and suck it up! Here are a list of sites to help us get through iMovie.

This site gives you a basic visual of how to get started with iMovie:

At this site you will find a more detailed description of how to use iMovie, add pictures/videos, and edit your work:

Here is a video you can watch on how to get started with iMovie 9:

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  1. I agree with you!! I was getting very frustrated when I knew I could pretty much the same thing on the PC in a lot less time. I guess I was put into my students' shoes when they get frustrated when I have them do something they are not comfortable with. Rock On PC's, Rock On!!