Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where are the resources?

When I started looking for resources regarding the Daily 5 I didn't realize that it would be limited. So far the book written by "the sisters" has been a great resource. I've also been able to go visit another classroom using Daily 5. Being able to see how another teacher uses Daily 5 in a classroom like mine allowed me to see what would work and not work. I also found a website that a different teacher put together about her experience with Daily 5. Even though I've been searching for some articles, I really appreciate the information I've seen or read from other teachers. When you are trying to implement a new method sometimes it's better to get information from teachers who have experience with it.

Picture taken from http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2532/4145419287_43c4280126_t.jpg

Monday, September 19, 2011

Daily 4 Bulletin Board

I wasn't quite sure what to put on my Daily 4 bulletin board at first. I tried to focus on the the important aspects of Daily 5. I was able to visit three classrooms from another school in our district so I feel as thought that also helped direct my focus. As I observed three other second grade teachers I noticed that each one did it a little bit differently. I saw that one teacher had split up the reading block that allowed for three teaching moments and two work sessions. The students participated in a different Daily 5 for each of the work sessions. I liked that idea so that's what I'm trying this year in my classroom. From 9:40-10:05 I am teaching then the kids participate in their first work time and once they finish the work they assume the role of read to self. Then I teach again for 15 minutes and after that they have another work time and participate in Daily 4 once again. Since my role is working with students I'm using the bulletin board to help facilitate their learning so that they can be successful. I made a wheel of the different Daily 4 activities so that they know which one they will complete at that moment. I also have our chart that we created of what is expected of them as well as myself as the teacher. The last thing on our bulletin board is a graph showing our stamina of how long we are able to read to self correctly. Hopefully this bulletin board will be a resource to them throughout the year.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A variation to Daily 5

After looking at the different components to the Daily 5 I've decided to revise the Daily 5 into the Daily 4! The original five components are read to self, read to someone, word work, work on writing, and listening to reading. For this year I've decided to drop the listening to reading. Until I can figure out a way for all students to be able to listen to reading at the same time I will just start with the first four. My bulletin board is up and ready to go. We will be starting with read to self!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Inquiry Project

Fellow bloggers I am back! Starting tonight I will be using my blog to record my journey with the Daily 5. For one of my graduate classes our final assignment is an inquiry project. I've been thinking about ways to make the "free time" during reading more meaningful. After reading the Daily 5 book by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser "the sisters" I'm deciding to see how it works in my second grade classroom. This blog will be used to share my thoughts about the journey. If you have any ideas as to what I can try feel free to comment. I will take any suggestions you may have! Thanks for continuing to follow me and I hope you enjoy my Daily 5 adventure:)